Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Edith Collier’s Bunmahon Heritage Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy left in Bunmahon by the New Zealand
born 20th century modernist painter Edith Collier.

The society carries out its objective by:

Promoting interest in Edith Collier, and other historic artists and writers who visited Bunmahon including Margaret Preston nee McPherson.

Investigating the history of Edith Collier in Bunmahon.

Disseminating the knowledge we come across to as wide an audience as possible.

The establishment of a Gallery, Visitor experience, and Bookshop.

The production of educational literature and film.

Creating and maintain online awareness through our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Providing a focal point for those with similar interests.

Mounting exhibitions and museum displays.

Providing a resource of materials, people and contacts to those inquiring about Edith Collier.

Organising commemorative projects.

Maintaining close links with other Edith Collier Societies both here and abroad.

Providing a forum for debate on local history, heritage, art, and culture.

Promoting Bunmahon as an artistic and cultural destination.

Support the ongoing development of artistic practice in Bunmahon and the surrounding area.


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